Delayed flight

Find out what you can do and how you can be compensated by the airline if you have a delayed flight.

Cancelled flight

If you have had a flight cancelled, you can get compensation from the airline. Find out how.

Denied boarding

If you have been denied boarding, you can get a compensation from the airline you booked with.

Lost luggage

If your baggage has been lost or damaged, you can get compensation from the airline you flew with.

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Delayand passenger rights.

Read about airline passenger rights and what compensation you can get for delayed flights, cancelled flights, denied boarding, missed connections, downgraded flights, overbooked flights or destroyed or lost baggage.

When you apply alone

What do you commit to when you file a claim yourself?

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For any request sent via any of our contact methods, a expert will reply within 24 hours.

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You pay only if you are compensated

If you are not compensated, you pay nothing. We also charge one of the lowest fees in the market offering the best experience.

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Do you know the 3 simple steps needed to be compensated?

We check the eligibility of the form

The first step when we receive your form is to check whether you are eligible for compensation according to the information we have received.


We contact the airline regarding your claim

Using the contacts created, we communicate with the responsible persons in the airlines as soon as possible and inform them of your situation.


You get the compensation in your bank account

You get your compensation from the airline directly into your bank account, effortlessly. You pay no commission unless you get paid.


Who is and why you should trust us?

We started our activity in this field out of a desire to help passengers get their rights as quickly as possible, in a market where cancelled or delayed flights have become more and more frequent. We use our experience of working in the aviation industry and knowledge of specific legislation to inform you if you are eligible for compensation. From the moment we receive the necessary documents from you, you can be sure of the security of your data, because all our data is stored on secure servers in the European Union, in compliance with data protection legislation. We are also authorised as a personal data controller.

Once we have ensured that your delayed or cancelled flight claim is eligible and the necessary documentation is complete, we send it to the airline. We respond promptly to any queries about the status of your claim, and when we receive your compensation, we transfer it within 5 working days to your bank account.

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