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Who is DELAY.AERO?2022-08-30T00:40:33+03:00

DELAY.AERO is a company that supports passengers with flight refunds. The online platform www.DELAY.AERO provides passengers with hassle-free handling of claims for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights, denied boarding, missed connecting flights or downgrades, as well as delayed, damaged or lost baggage. DELAY.AERO and its team of professionals, with expertise in aviation, air law and negotiations, aim primarily to restore balance in the relationship between passengers and the airline.

Why should I trust DELAY.AERO?2022-08-30T00:41:03+03:00

Our approach is win-win and is based on the results we achieve for customers and airlines. What’s more, you don’t have to take any risks – no upfront payments, no promises. We will only ask you for the personal information strictly necessary for the compensation process.

Why are DELAY.AERO services useful for passengers?2022-08-30T00:41:33+03:00

Passengers receive flight information, airline information, airport information, other travel news and information, useful information for air travellers. Passengers benefit from the Eligibility Determination Service by analysing flights and conditions presented by the Beneficiary, through specialised software and by reference to the protection measures for passengers travelling by air. The eligibility service is carried out on an individual, request-by-request basis in the DELAY.AERO web form or for all flights found, if the client is connected to the DELAY.AERO platform. The eligibility service will inform the customer about the probability of having an eligible request. An eligible request will have a high probability of being paid, and DELAY.AERO will provide its support service for such requests for communication with the airline, if requested by the customer. Passengers are fully supported from the moment the form is filled in until the compensation is received.

Why are DELAY.AERO services useful for airlines?2022-08-30T00:41:58+03:00

Airlines receive fewer requests because only those that should be eligible are sent. Claims are prepared in accordance with airline rules and formalities, with DELAY.AERO assisting customers throughout the claims process. In this way, airlines do not need to allocate additional human resources to the handling of claims.

Why are DELAY.AERO services useful for travel agencies and ticketing agencies?2022-08-30T00:42:27+03:00

DELAY.AERO’s services support travel agencies and ticketing agencies so that customers can get compensation for delayed, overbooked or cancelled flights. Passengers receive clear instructions on how to claim compensation and travel agencies enjoy increased customer loyalty after their trip, while increasing the chances of them becoming loyal customers.

What compensation can I get?2022-08-30T00:42:51+03:00

The compensation starts from 250 euro and can go up to 600 euro per passenger. The amount of compensation varies according to each case and the applicable legislation.

How long will it take you to receive a compensation?2022-08-30T00:43:10+03:00

Because the compensation process differs from company to company and the estimated time in which you will receive compensation varies. DELAY.AERO’s intention is to settle all compensation claims received amicably. Depending on each airline’s policy, we may receive a response to a claim within 2 weeks, but the compensation process can take anywhere from 30 days to 12 months or more, depending on the legal obligations each airline has in the state of origin.

How much does this service cost?2022-08-30T00:43:33+03:00

DELAY.AERO does not charge any fee for filing a claim. If you are compensated, DELAY.AERO charges a service fee, according to the Price List, out of the total compensation. As one of DELAY.AERO’s values is fairness, if you do not receive any compensation, then our service costs you absolutely nothing.

What kind of situations are considered exceptions?2022-08-30T00:44:44+03:00

In certain situations, the flight operator is obliged to cause a flight delay, cancellation or deny you boarding for your health and safety and/or that of other passengers. Thus, the following situations are considered exceptional under the legislation in force:

  • Political instability (e.g. large-scale protests);

  • Adverse weather conditions (e.g. fog or snowstorms);

  • Security risks (e.g. threat of terrorist attack on the airport);

  • Unexpected technical problems that may affect passenger safety (e.g. unforeseen problems in aircraft operation);

  • Strikes affecting company operations (e.g. airport strike).

What happens if the air carrier refuses to give me compensation?2022-08-30T00:45:05+03:00

If the airline refuses to compensate you, the DELAY.AERO team will support you in finding the necessary specialists to solve your case, in order to go to court to settle your claim. This service is contracted separately, only at the client’s request and is not included in the basic package.

How do I get reimbursement for additional expenses incurred due to the airline?2022-08-30T00:45:24+03:00

Airlines usually reimburse customers for any extra expenses they incur, but this is not compulsory and depends on the policy of each individual airline. In any case, in order to get these expenses settled, you will have to prove them by providing the company with the corresponding receipts or vouchers.

What is the deadline for claiming compensation for a cancelled or delayed flight?2022-08-30T00:45:46+03:00

According to the law, you have the right to file a claim for compensation and/or damages for three years after the day on which the affected flight would have taken off.

How can DELAY.AERO help me?2022-08-30T00:46:45+03:00

DELAY.AERO takes the stress out of the compensation application process. We take the administrative burden off your shoulders by taking care of the red tape as follows:

  • Facilitating contact with the airline;

  • Collecting the necessary information;

  • Completing and submitting the file with the necessary documents;

  • Contacting the aviation authorities to establish the fault of the airline, if applicable;

  • If the flight operator does not admit fault, we provide support (with your express consent) for the initiation of legal action.

What services does DELAY.AERO offer?2022-08-30T00:47:56+03:00

We support you in the process of applying for compensation for the following situations:

  • Delayed flights;

  • Cancelled flights;

  • Denied boarding;

  • Flight overbooking;

  • Missed connection on a connecting flight;

  • Delay, damage or loss of baggage

Which geographical areas are covered by DELAY.AERO services?2022-08-30T00:48:19+03:00

We only support applications for flights from or to a European Union Member State, as well as flights from or to Turkey. On express requests, we can provide support for issues arising from international flights.

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